Investment Products

MSS has developed and launched institutional funds since 2003. The funds have been both open and closed ended, on-shore and off-shore and under multiple regulatory environments.

Risk Management

Risk management has been core to MSS’s ethos. MSS had continually developed it’s own risk management tools in order to ‘fix on failure’ and make sure the various asset classes they manage are monitored at all times.

Each asset class has its own specific set of risk and parameters which MSS defines, measures and acts on as appropriate. The risk management systems have benefited from the complete transparency the MSS funds have benefited from and detailed service level agreements entered into with service providers and asset advisors.

Operating Process

The MSS operating environment is focused on transparency, risk management and experienced staff who manage and execute the operations processes and undertake the management of the underlying assets. MSS has partnered with best of breed service providers to deliver all its products and services.

MSS has partnered with the likes of SS&C, PWC and Re:Geo to ensure its fiduciary responsibility is accomplished and assets are protected.


Current Operating Model

MSS offers investment management and advisory services focused on Real Assets and Private Assets.

Real Estate

Residential property, commercial property and forestry

Real Estate

Property investment and property development

Private Assets

Management of a variety of private assets classes

What MSS can do for you?

The MSS products and services are available as funds, managed accounts and joint ventures. MSS also offers a range of operational consultancy and structuring advisory services to interested clients.

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